Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, today I have been thinking about change... change is a really hard thing to do when you have people who are dead set against the changes enacted. Take a look at your own home... changes are seldom made without a little grumble here or there... where did you move this?? why do we have to do it this way?? when can we do this??... now, granted you may have moved "it" to a better place to organize your home better or just because you were tired of where "it" was... or you start doing something differently in order to save time and/or money or it's just not feasible to do it at a certain way anymore.

Now, take the workplace ... with this "economy"... we are all facing changes that we may not like... we may actually hate them, hate the people who are enacting the changes, even hate the people who are part of the change even if they have no say in being part of the changes, we may hate the changes that we are being made to use ... instead of doing it "the way we have always done it" we are in a stage where to be prosperous and stay afloat we have to make changes in order to compete in the marketplace. Changes could be enacted through staffing changes, work routines, hours of operations or the most dreaded "improvements made in the technology" .... Egads... computers... can you believe that there are still people "out there" who fear computers?? Who fear the time saving changes that they are programmed to do?? That fear that their job will be replaced if programs are designed to speed up the work day?? I don't think computers can do everything (yet); but, I think computers and programs are needed in order to make businesses viable in todays world.

Change is good... if everyone is on board with the changes; but, with everything in life ... not everyone will agree and there will be nae sayers and doubters. I have been one of the few who has welcomed change and was on board for the changes needed to keep the company I work for up-to-date and competitive with other companies. Sometimes it's a very lonely place to be... why, fight change when it's going to happen with you or without you... make the best of it and fasten your seat belts for a bumpy ride till all the bumps are smoothed out....

Have you noticed change in your own life due to the economy?? Do you see it where you work?? Are you doing anything to ensure that both your home and your workplace remains solvent during this down turn in the economy?? How are you saving at home?? At work??

Are you agreeable to change or do you like everything the way it has always been?? Does change disrupt your life in a major way or do you flow with change and hope for the best??

Think about all of the changes that you have seen in your life this far... I am amazed at the changes I have seen.... not only in my own life, my childrens, the world, the economy, the technology .... if you can believe this I can remember when a boy in my sister's class got the first hand held calculator... now, that was big... this would have been in the 70's... the 1970's that is.... can you remember any changes that just rocked your world?? OK, now think about what you would do if you didn't have them?? Sorry, I live by a river; but, I don't want to pound my clothes on the rocks to wash them. Change is good... it's all in the way you flow....

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Teresa said...

Your thoughts are right on target about "changes". For me, becoming a new grandmother takes me back to when i was first a new mother. A lot of times changes aren't always the big changes that we expect, but the small ones as well.

Keep the blogs coming! Love reading your can always quit your day job and take up writing for a career!