Sunday, March 29, 2009

Books ......

I have had the great luck of winning a couple of books from other book blogs and I have to share one with all of you.

The first is Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford .... what a great title. Now, I have to tell you on the first look... I was interested... what a cover ... such promise of what's to follow in the pages beyond... now I didn't start reading this the minute I received the package in the mail. (direct from the author - more on this later) After finishing a couple books that were already in the line up I started this book... not knowing, not hoping, not wondering what would come from this lucky, free book.

Well, only chapters into it and already I know it's a good one.... it's not a long read; but, each page brings more thought provoking phrases and brings more questions concerning the atmosphere in the USA during the time period of this book. I feel that we, as Americans, will forget our nations history if not for these fictionalized books taking place in times of great challenge to our country. I, for one, do not read a lot of historically true books; but, to read fictional historical period books I am more apt to look up more information, discuss these issues and to be more aware of our nations not so glorious moments in our homeland history.

When we look at our nation ... I think we tend to look at only the good and may not see the trying times we have come through as a nation. We need to be aware of our own history in order to be more understanding to other countries and peoples of the world. We shouldn't stand in judgement of these countries and peoples of the world; but, offer our support and help them to see that change is needed -- as we, the USA, have been trying to do.

I won this book from Redlady's Reading Room (check her link); but, it was for just the AudioBook.... well, I waited for my book and received this rather large box in the mail. Now, the box was bigger than what an audiobook would be in... I opened it up ... and all this was from the author... a note from the author, a hardback book, the audiobook, two t-shirts with the book's title on the front and "Bitter" & "Sweet" on the backs of each of the t-shirts, and a bar of BitterSweet chocolate... was this an amazing win/gift from an author who only had my name and address?? I was so impressed... aren't you?? Check out Jamie Ford's web site and most of all read his book... it is a great read. I would have said this even if he had not sent the chocolate...


Welcome - to my first blog post... I really don't know what to say; but, I have a lot to say and will share it with you as we go along.

A little information about myself... I am a daughter, sister, wife and mother. At any given time... one of those titles will fit. I am also a friend, an employee, a neighbor and any other titles that may come along throughout the day. I am the mother of one son and two daughters and I have one daughter-in-law and one son-in-law ... more on these later. I am a wife of 20+ years to a self-employed painting contractor. I also am a cat person and I have three cats... or should I say my three cats have me??

I like to knit (only small easy items), crochet (again, only easy items; although, I have made a few afghans) and I quilt... have made a few bed size quilts. I love to read blogs on any and all of the mentioned hobbies that I have at the present time. My other passion is reading. I read very well... thank you so much... the ones with the most pages and many twists and turns in the plots -- not the "easy" reads ... not the "great authors" but, I like to read a variety of genres and authors; but, don't ask me to read romance... just not one of my favorite reads. I read more fiction than non and I read more mystery/thriller than chic lit. I like to try to read new authors and new topics whenever I am able too.

I have been known to haunt book sales... I am a bring your own bag type person and try to leave with a bag full of new treasures. A local annual book sale held in my town for 20+ years ended last spring.... this book sale was huge and many people waited all year for it to come. Long lines for the opening and many tables full of wonderful books to buy. Sadly, it ended and now local agencies and organizations are trying to fill their shoes.... trying is the operative word. Just went to one on Saturday... it was OK... it was their first attempt... I hope they will get better organized and continue to thrive. I give them kudos for trying ... those are pretty big shoes they are trying to fill.

I have spent my weekend sewing and cleaning... getting ready for spring and summer so that I can sit on my porch swing and watch the Susquehanna River flow by my home. Lots of ducks, fishermen and even some canoes and kayaks occassionaly are sighted. With 50 degree weather... it is just teasing everyone into thinking no more snow.... I'll wait and see.

Have a great day and remember .... be joyful.