Saturday, August 1, 2009

The birds have returned to the nest....

It's been a while.... I have even received a few comments that I just now read and they were positive and they are giving me the boost to write some more....

Well, the month of July is usually a very busy one... I am very busy working 12 hour days where I am employed and my husband, the "house painter" is busy painting between rain drops and day light hours in the day.

This is usually the time when my youngest daughter, Victoria, spends a week with her brother and sister-in-law, Andy & Jessica in Baltimore. This always works out that when Steve and I are at our busiest Victoria is having a grand time and new adventures. She has spent the last 5 - 6 summers doing this and always comes home with stories and great shopping.

Andy, Jessica and Victoria made it home around dinner time Friday night and then Kimberly and Jay stopped down for a cookout and relaxing in the back yard. I was able to take a half day of work and cook and clean (some) and get ready for all the "little birds" to be back in the home nest. It was good to have them all at home, even if it was only a short time after dinner when Victoria and friends disappeared for a "walk" to catch up on the week. I remember, that "walk" word it's code for getting away from the "older people" and being teenagers.

The kids being home is not a 24/7 kind of visit... Andy, Kimberly & Jessica have other family members (ex-husband & grandparetnts) that they need to visit and time spent together as siblings to reestablish the bonds weakened over the milage distance. It's nice to see the connection between my three children and the connection with my son and dauther-in-law and I realize that Steve and I have done a pretty good job raising them in spite of ourselves. As they say, Kids don't come with instruction manuals"... so hopefully, their therapy sessions are few and their good memories are long.

I am so glad that my son, Andy and my son-in-law, Jay are working on a good friendship as well as being related. And my girls are the "best" and have lots in common and among them is the "shopping gene" so I can truthfully say ... I have two sons and three daughters and life is good. At this moment, it doesn't get any better than this.... Oh, did I mention Kimberly is "with child"??? Due date early January so life will be changing and Steve and I will enter a new stage of life... I am going to be a GrandMother....

If you haven't noticed... all of my kids are important to me and I am glad to have them all in one place even if it's just for a little visit. One thing I have learned or want for my children are for them to do, visit, explore, be braver and daring than I have been in my life and to live their life not let their life live them. Sometimes, I feel that I get too busy just "living" and forget to "live in the moment".

So, please take a few moments just for yourself and "live and breath" the moment.... they pass to quickly and are gone in a blink of an eye... slow down and enjoy each lovely moment to it's fullest.