Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh, Brother....

Oh, Brother.... this is what my daughter, Kimberly, was probably saying this past weekend... Andy and Jessica and Kimberly and Jay made their way to New York City by foot, car, bus and train and spent the weekend bonding as only siblings could.

To give you a little background ... Andy will be 30 this October and Kimberly will be 25 this coming June and Victoria was 15 the beginning of March. Spacing... I had three children in three different decades... the 70's, the 80's and the 90's.... no, I am not going there... I'm done.

Since, Andy and Kimberly were basically a team, until Victoria came along when they were 10 and 15 years old, they formed the sibling bond that only comes with years of tormenting and teasing each other. As, two children growing up together the stage was set... talk about the fights, the tears, the yelling, the hair pulling, the gnashing of teeth... and that was just me. They could love as well as they could fight and they do each very well. Big brothers also come up with their own form of "capital punishment"... the dreaded "kiss the knee and I'll let you up routine".

Brother... it is nice to have a brother that looks out for you and cares enough about your life to make suggestions and guide you in the easiest routes. OK, maybe it sounds bossy; but, it's really love. Having a big brother is never being alone and always having someone to lean on when your really down and out. Also, it's a real plus if your brother and your husband are good friends, too. It keeps the boys busy and gives Kimberly and her sister-in-law, Jessica time to shop.

During the past weekend, I received many calls from both children and everything seemed to be going well. I did mention, I didn't want to see anything on NYC news about siblings fighting... all in all I think they had a really good time. Check out pictures at Lemmo Photography link on the side bar. Beautiful pictures .... awesome photographer... if I must say so myself.

Since, Victoria is so much younger she has missed this particular sibling bonding routine passed down by generations of sisters and brothers. Her bonding with her older brother was so much more tender given the age difference... upon bringing Victoria home from the hospital.. Andy developed the "Lemmo Pat" to perfection... as Victoria slept in her crib or in our arms... he would "pat" her little shoulder.

So, whether your brother "makes you kiss your knee" or he gives you a little pat on the shoulder... just know ... that is love and that's how he shows it....

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Jessica said...

Well the daughter-in-law here gets to always be the buffer between Kim and Andy so I know how you feel!!!