Sunday, September 6, 2009

Insomnia by Stephen King

OK, I ask myself, WHY, did I pick one of his books that has 787 pages?? Well, being the over achiever reader I am... I could do it... and a lot of his others books, I remember too well to be totally unaware of plots, twists and turns. I started this book last weekend and finished this morn... yes, it's a holiday weekend; but, I have a summer cold and didn't feel like doing much more than turning a page every few minutes.
I should give you a little information about my reviews.... I for one, do not want to know too many details, the plot, the characters in detail or the out come of the book. I have had people tell me about a really great book; only to tell me every detail so that when they were done I had no desire to read it since I felt as if I had read the book. So my reviews are a little of what I read and a little of what I gathered from the books. I always feel that after reading any book, I should come away with something... whether it was a little joke, a soul provoking thought, a sentence that spoke to me or just a new way to look at something.

A little blip about this book... Published date January 1995
By Stephen King

Ralph Roberts, an elderly widower, hasn't been sleeping well. He is the main characters with a few of his elderly friends as cohorts. He has just lost his wife and is learning to live without her when he starts to experience sleep problems. As his life spirals through sleepless days other characters are added to the story. A neighbor widow, Lois, who seems to be experiencing the same symptoms as Mr. Roberts. A young wife and her daughter who are dear to both the elderly characters. Along with a few of Stephen Kings darker characters.... and of course the good ones who fight the good fight.

This book was about death and dying, your time on earth and the randomness of people's life spans. It was also about "aura" and how people are perceived. I for one have always associated people with colors... don't ask me why?? and in this book it contained a lot on the subject of people's aura and the meanings of colors, at least from the authors point of view.

The book raised questions in my mind about our time on earth, the reactions of one moment and how it effects others and the future. The aura in the book was interesting to read and I wonder if anyone else associates color with people whether in their moods, health or general well being??

Since I read this book for the first time in 1995 and it is now 14 years later... I will say, age has changed my perspective of this book... not to be a prude; but, language was a little shocking, the plot was good; but, did it really need to be almost 800 pages?? it was a horror story in the fact that it mentions historical politics of the time and the terror of being on the pro or con of an issue. It brings forth issues that are still a "Red Hot" debate in this country. Was it as scary and thrilling 14 years ago when our country had not faced what we have faced in the last years?? We read, view and hear about so much terror and horror in the world that now this book seems pretty tame compared to what is on the evening news.

Overall, I won't ever say a book is not worth reading... this would be a very cruel thing to do to an author who put his time, life and being into it. So, my recommendation will be... this was a book that I wanted to keep reading long after my eyes said no more, a book that I could envision the characters and the settings, a book that made me think outside my little box and ask myself questions that I might not have asked myself before reading this book.
So, if you feel that this is a book you would like to read... beware that you may lose some sleep (no pun intended) by wanting to read a few more pages even after you know you have to get up early in the morn. Beware that even though it is just a story.... some of it sounds just a little too close to reality... a fine line divides truth and fiction.
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