Saturday, April 18, 2009


Joy... every one's talking about it... have you heard about Joy?? Do you feel Joy?? Do you want some Joy?? Do you already have Joy?? Who or what brings you Joy?? Do you allow others to take your joy from you?? Do you allow bad circumstances or situations take your joy?? Do you find you are Joy less??

Everyone has to have a little Joy in their lives... what would life be without Joy?? Joy can come along and surprise even the most downtrodden person and bring them a smile, a little pitter patter pat in their heart and a little moment of reflection and thanks. A lot of things bring me Joy... the usual are ... my children, husband, family, sisters, brothers, parents and friends... but, what else brings joy to me....

A sincere smile or a nice comment... sometimes that alone can get me through the darkest days. A husband that loves me no matter my deepest, darkest "leave me alone" moods... he loves me even when I am unlovable. My children can give me such Joy by just a look, a hug or a pat or just a smile because they are my children. My sisters who laugh with me as well as at me and still loves me just because they do. My true friends when I need one really badly and when I just want to be left alone.

Joy can come to us in such a way that it's a pleasant surprise... something as little as a kind word when you really need one, a nice cashier at the store, a helpful clerk, someone letting you enter a long line of traffic... what simple acts of Joy have you encountered?? Do you return that Joy?? If not to that person than to the next person you meet?? Isn't that what life is all about... encouraging each and everyone we meet, to bring Joy into lives that may not have any Joy or needs a little more, bringing our loved ones joy as well as sharing it with strangers.

With every positive there is always a negative... do you know people, situations or things that steal your Joy?? I have encountered a few people that seem to take the Joy out of my life, situations where it is hard to see the Joy and certain things that I really struggle with to maintain my Joy. I am trying to not let this happen, by limiting my exposure to people who like to steal my Joy, I am trying to stay out of situations that steal or deplete my Joy and staying away from things that suck the Joy right out of my life. This is my life (as well as your life is yours) and it's a precious commodity and we only have a certain amount of time in our lives... why allow others, situations or things take our precious Joy???

When a person is Joyful I think that it can be a positive not only for them; but, the people they encounter everyday. Think about the Joyful person that you meet ... do you not try to reflect their Joy onto others after meeting them?? Don't you feel a little more upbeat after the encounter?? Do you feel an uplifting of your mood?? Don't you want to share and spread the joy among others??

Have you ever met someone that is joyless?? ... downtrodden?? ... down in the dumps?? ... woe is me?? ... nothing is good in my life?? ... I have it so bad?? ... my life isn't as good as yours?? I have been used and abused so why look up and try to find Joy?? How do you come away from these encounters... with me it's like I soak up their negativity and question my own Joy and feel as if I shouldn't be as Joyful due to their negativity and the "lack of" in their life. Almost, as if ... if I have Joy in my life it's unfair to show my Joy when others have none. I am firmly saying to you and myself... don't let this happen... your Joy is your own and don't let someone take it due to their insecurity, bad mood, bad outlook on life or their nae saying. Don't rely on others to bring you Joy... bring it on yourself, share it, spread it around and savour each Joyful moment.

It is hard for me when I encounter negativity that I don't also "catch it" so to speak... everyone wants to belong to the club, be part of the group, be part of the cliche; but, if it's negative it can't be good for you. It just steals your Joy and happiness and brings you to a cross road ... do you choose to be part of the group or do you choose your own path and seek Joy?? I for one want to pursue Joy and Joyful moments yet to be... find Joy in the little things as well as the big... I want to dwell in the Joy of each moment and let it fill me up.... I want to share that Joy with others in the hope that they spread the Joy far and wide.... and I feel that at some point that Joy will come full circle .... that the Joy will be unlimited to all....

I have always been someone who wants to be "part" of the team; but, secretly I enjoy being a loner. I long to be part of "the group"; but, realize that it goes against my inner peace if it is among negative people. I find my Joy in very simple things, too ... quilting, sewing, reading, decorating and improving my home with "touches of me", I enjoy gardening and I enjoy nothing more than spring, summer and fall and the opportunity to sit on my front porch swing and watch the river flow while I talk to family and friends, read, crochet or just daydream the time away.

Where do you find your Joy?? Is it in the most simplest of things?? Isn't that what Joy is .... just the small things in life that make us stop, think and smile to ourselves... we received Joy and we were touched. Now, if only we share that Joy with others is the world complete... Share your Joy... Be Joyful ... Spread the Joy and see what blooms in your life as well as others....

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