Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blogging for Bliss By Tara Frey

Come join the Blogging party... If you are not a blogger, a new blogger or a veteran ... please, read this book... it is wonderful, it is pretty, it has many of my favorite blogs and bloggers featured, and it has technical words that make my brain hurt when I hear them... lovely woman, lovely book take a peek at some new blogs today...

Bliss to me was holding my niece, Christina & her husband Jeff's, five month old twins -- girl and boy, Claire Juliet and Quinn Patrick for the first time today..... bliss... new babes -- not only am I going to be a Grandma; but, I am now a "Great Aunt". Bliss is the smell of babies, the little look of wonder in their eyes, the so soft feel of their skin and the joy they bring to so many people.

So, for today... that was one Blissful moment.... out of a few others.

Bliss such a nice little word.... leave me a comment and tell me what brings Bliss to your life??