Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nothing like a vacation day...

Since I had Good Friday off from work... I also took Thursday as a vacation day... to get a jump start on the weekend. Talk about a work out... started out at the usual time I go to work, 7:30 am, at the local WalMart store... did some Easter shopping and I always get my Yoplait Yogurt there because they have a wider variety of flavors then the little grocery store near my house.

I was even prepared with coupons and my "save the planet" reusable bags... I also want to mention the really great Yoplait insulated tote that I won from Bargain Briana....this was another one of my lucky wins... insulated tote, free yogurt, water bottle and note pad. The tote is really nice with a zipper and handles that can be used as shoulder strap style.

After, I loaded up the car I went to my favorite store in my little town... CVS. I really watch my coupons, my extra bucks and all my other offers... I was really saving today... in a previous visit I transferred two prescription and had 2 - $25.00 gift cards... a few rain checks and some free coupons. Well, it started out at 104.00 ... minus coupons, free, extra bucks... down to $54.16 ... still with me.. OK, $50.00 gift cards... $4.16. But, that isn't all... I didn't receive my $5.99 off for a double pack of Crest toothpaste... so they gave me $5.99 cash back. I think it was worth the trip for them to pay me to shop and give me $2.00 on top of everything. This doesn't happen very often; but, I was thrilled. With the economy the way it is I try to watch everything I buy, use coupons, watch sales, price check and really watch while the sales clerks are ringing up the order.

Your probably wondering what did she buy?? Well, the usual... TP, papertowels, feminine products, toothpaste, facial cleansers, body lotions, shaving products, laundry detergent, and even a bottle of water. These are things that we use every day and I splurged on facial products for my daughter and body lotion for myself.... Jergens original scent... cherry almond this is a "grandma" smell, but, I love it.

Next it was a little trip to an area town... DuBois, to JoAnn Fabrics... well, I decided since I had the time and had not been to the local Goodwill "Boutique" for a while... stopped in... my lucky day... 50% off.. yes!!! Started browsing and came to coats ... spied a really great Anne Klein black toggle button coat... looked like my size... tried it on... it is my size.. looked a little harder and found a brown coat by Ann Taylor Loft for my oldest daughter. Found a few other little things and headed for the check out. The two coats were $4.50 each. I don't know about you; but, that was one great buy. So, far my day was going pretty good. I then called my oldest daughter, Kimberly, to see if she would like to meet me for lunch... drive through and then a little visit while we ate. Yes, the coat fits and even though it's brown... I talked her into it by telling her to add a little splash of color with a scarf and it wouldn't be so "blah brown". The brown was a little drab... this coming from a young lady that wears a lot of black.

Next stop was JoAnn's Fabric... well, I boosted the economy a little with purchases there. I bought some material to finish a couple of little quilted throws and some really cute material for totes. Pictures to come... later. Then headed home... but, took a side tour and stopped at McDonalds... got two sweet teas... used my $2.00 from CVS... one for the road and one for later... love those sweet teas...

Have a great weekend....

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