Monday, April 6, 2009

Morning Post...

I started sending the women I work with these "little post" by email at the first of the year... I received a lot of feed back... so I am going to share them with you, also.

Good Morning,
Say it after me.... it's Marvelous Monday (again) and we are people with a mission.... do our best, be our best and we best be good while were here.

Just a short note to offer each of you (and to myself, too) encouragement today .... Marvelous Monday. We are rested and recharged and we are ready to face the week ahead with prayers, wishes, and each other. Alone we may falter; but, together we can stand tall (or short whichever the case may be) and face any challenge.

Stay Positive... Stay Strong.... Stay Happy... no matter what comes at us today. Stay tuned .... for daily words of encouragement, laughter, hope, peace or just a word or two.

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Anonymous said...

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