Sunday, August 9, 2009

RoadSide Crosses - Jeffery Deaver Review

Finished this book a few days ago... RoadSide Crosses by Jeffery Deaver... as with any of his books (or most books) there's a good person vs the bad person... a shadowy little fellow who could or could not be bad, but, he throws in some thing else with this one... more on that later....

A brief little blurb to bring you up to speed, Kathyrn Dance, main character, works for the California Bureau of Investigation as a kinesics - body language expert on the Monterey Peninsula. Road side crosses start showing up and then mayhem and murder follows closely behind. What comes along the way are good characters, some filler on her family, friends and life and then in between all of that (we do need to know that our books characters are more than their jobs) we follow along solving this murder.

I have to say this book brings out questions regarding the net, socializing on the net, blogs, my space, your space and everyone elses space, tweens, teens and young adults and what to believe or not to believe just because it's posted on the net. The book raised a lot of questions for me regarding the net and I plan on visiting his site to explore more areas in the future.

I thought it was a good book... on a scale of 1 - 10 probably an 8. The one area I didn't enjoy was the rehashing of what kinesic is or the details; however, if you had not read any of his Kathryn Dance books it was necessary. But, that's just me. I've read most of his books and have really enjoyed the Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs series.

Now, to the other part of this book.... it concerns the Internet and all of social networks that are available to one to either notate their lives or to view others via the net. Some questions that I am still pondering not just for myself; but, for others and especially younger people... do we let people know too much, do we give them views of our lives that we shouldn't, do we open our hearts, minds and home hoping only the good people see our sites and hope that the darker side stays away?? Do we open ourselves up to others opinions and are we ready if we receive negative feedback as opposed to positive?? Is this a way for people who can't express their views, opinions, loves and feelings to do so on the net with out feeling inferior and unworthy. Or are we outgoing type A personalities that need a broader audience?? Or do we just want to "meet" new people outside "our little worlds"?

My personal opinions is... I love looking "inside" others homes, lives and seeing how other people live and sometimes "they are just like me"... I am the kind of person who when riding in a car I am looking at other peoples homes, gardens or catching a glimpse of the inside of peoples homes along the way. Who doesn't like to enjoy a photo album of a friends life?? wedding?? new baby?? So, when I am able to "visit" others blogs for a short one time visit or place them in my "favorites" I am able to connect with others across the world that I can relate to and feel comfortable with in the comfort of my own home. I guess, by blogging we are Welcoming people into our homes and as readers we feel Welcomed viewing their blogs. So, Welcome to my blog and I hope you feel Welcomed by me. Honestly, I will try to liven things up around here... a picture or two.. it's that "tech part again"

So, opinions please... leave me a post on your thoughts or concerns...


Brenda said...

Hi, just found you through a comment. I shall check into the book. He's a great writer. As for "why" on the blog/internet question, I know I personally am a homebody at heart. But I like to see other people via their homes and see what they're doing to their gardens. And just read their thoughts. Then they often become friends. To me it is an outlet that is easy and affordable, and I don't like to travel. (I too am one of those people who, when out driving, crane my head to see what's going on in others' yards and houses!) You mentioned at the end about having tech problems with photos. Here's just a thought: I write my blog on Windows Live Writer. Google it and there's a free download. Makes it SOOO much easier to add photos, make them as big as you like, then upload the whole thing to your blog. Actually as you're writing this right from your desktop, it looks just like your blog, colors and body and everything. I was given this great information months ago, started using it and wouldn't go back to writing my posts or adding photos on Blogger! So I'm just passing the favor on! Let me know what you think of it, and if I can help, just email. (Oh, and thanks for adding the EM logo.)

theProvidentWoman said...

That may be a book I will check out. Thanks!