Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quilting Sisters

Well, the last Saturday in April was a day full of laughter (and a few tears) and I have to share a little with all of you.

Today was the yearly Friendship Quilter's Club get together... it was formed by two of my aunts back in 2001... now, I don't know if you have aunts; but, you have to have a little background on "my aunts" ... Aunt Jane, Lily, Kate and Toots (Toots is a sister-in-law who became a sister do any of you have that kind of sister-in-law??) .... (now my mother wasn't involved .... but, I do think she would have come along for the great food and laughs if she had been here on earth)

Sorry, back to "the Aunts" ... now my mother, my Aunt Sue, Charlotte and Viv were the younger sisters... so they never led the troops.... but, Aunt Jane, Lily, Kate and Toots .... they were and are the troop leaders... they were the team... they were the support system through out my life ... they were there and did it all.... if one of them did it they all did it together.

Aunt Lily told the tale of how the quilt exchange came to be.... Aunt Kate and Lily were quilting together and they both came up with the idea of making 30 - 12 inch quilt blocks and trading them with each other ... well, Aunt Jane heard about this and had to get in there and then along came Toots and then they had to get the daughters and nieces involved and then it was sisters getting sisters involved.

They are a really devious bunch... first they invite you, then once you show up ... they start showing you all of the wonderful projects they have done... much oohing and aahing... then they feed you.... then they do a little vote for next years block and by that time you are also voting because the "sisters" say Oh, You can do it ... it's easy... and there you are your a member... and you have one year to complete 30 - 12 inch blocks... so why is that some of us have pulled all nighters to get our blocks done... we've sewn together and taunted each other with phone calls with how many blocks we have done or need to do... oh, they are sly ones... these "sisters/fristers...

So, you see "the Aunts" started this wonderful little get together of Aunts, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Cousins, Nieces and most important the Fristers... I read that a Frister is a Friend who becomes a Sister. We have many Fristers who have become "sisters" in the years that we shared. We shared some good laughs today and had a really nice lunch... nothing like a bunch of women preparing lunch for each other that get the competitive juices flowing. We laughed and shared a lot of memories of the past .... of years gone by and also the years of quilting. We shared good news and bad.

Sadly, in the past couple of years we have lost two of the founding members... Aunt Jane first and then Aunt Kate this past year. Needless, to say there is a void there and we are doing our best to continue on and honor them with our perseverance. Another "Frister" also lost her mother this year and we were all able to feel the sorrow and loss that she and my two cousins were feeling.

Needless, to say... Aunt Lily was ready to hand over the responsibility that she has under took all of those years. When she asked for a volunteer... my sister, Brenda, gladly raised my hand into the air and I was voted to be the leader... it's a scary feeling... I am one of the youngest cousins... I am no leader... I follow... I need words of encouragement...I am the one that always tagged along.... I was the "quiet" one.... I need to not sit next to my sister any time anyone needs volunteers.

Truthfully, I am thrilled... I was voted in (yes, most were relatives and you know blood is thicker than water... although, I was the only nominee... we won't think about that) I had a really good time with this... I felt like I was the Queen of the Quilters my "Ladies in Waiting" were also having a lot of fun at my expense... curtsying and such... Sorry, but, I let them... they will need the practice for next year....

Seriously, I know with all of the "Sisters" I will have help, encouragement, a little laughter and some tears...

Just a little personal note... if you would like to come to next years quilt exchange... the block is "very easy" and you would have lots of fun... just come to see all of the lovely quilts and enjoy the company and the good food.... really, it's easy... seriously... easy .... trust me I am learning from some of the best quilters (and arm twisters) around... let me know... we would love more Fristers to join... say it after me.... "it's easy.... are your eyes getting heavy... it's easy... just keep saying that"

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